Seeds of Resilient Daughters

Hello and Welcome

The Seeds of Resilient Daughters Giving Circle consists of Individuals who combine resources to make a difference in their communities. Our focus is to encourage the joy of generous giving and embrace a lifestyle of generosity in our communities.

Seeds of Resilient Daughters Giving Circle a not for profit organization was started by a mother and daughter wanting to make a difference and give back. They want to have an impact in their community now and in the future by providing support to those who share similar life experiences. Knowing that hardship is not prejudice, and although you may be employed at times there may still not be enough. So they decided to provide a philanthropic path to address those needs in their community.

Seeds of Resilient Daughters is a donor advised fund hosted at Growfund, a project of Global Impact. A donor advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle established at a 501c3 public charity. Donations made to us are tax deductible.

Seeds of Resilient Daughters Giving Circle funds are available to;

• Single parent, single income households with school aged children.

• Single income, head of household individuals who primarily care for an elderly parent.

• Residents in the SC Sea Islands region and the Washington, DC metropolitan region, and Organizations who support our Cause.

Seeds of Resilient Daughters represents the idea of women sowing seeds that grow into something that strengthens our communities for generations to come.

Seeds of Resilient Daughters Giving Circle provides the opportunity for individuals to come together, combine their resources in a shared fund, and through a recommendation, verification and voting process decide where to give the funds. We’re hoping to see, Seeds of Resilient Daughters continue to grow.

Seeds of Resilient Daughters is committed to our communities, not making people rich. Our profits – whether from donations or organization activities – don't go to shareholders, donors or founders. The money goes to benefit families and communities.

Seeds of Resilient Daughters funds provide financial relief for Critical Human Needs such as; food security, homelessness, housing, child welfare, mental health and elder care.

Seeds of Resilient Daughters events and gatherings are designed to help support the needs of our communities and families well-fare and well-being, as we share in the joy of giving.

Happy Giving,

Elizabeth Ward

Rhonda Singleton